Monday August, 2020

Surface Cleaning Help to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus?

How Surface Cleaning Can Help You Protect the Spread of Coronavirus?

Cleaning and sterilizing surfaces has consistently been significant for office and property directors. In any case, during the corona virus pandemic, this has become a basic assignment to help forestall the spread of the infection and guard workers and clients.

The explanation this is so significant is on the grounds that there is proof that the corona virus can live on surfaces for a considerable length of time, or even days. In spite of the fact that the information and exploration on this keeps on advancing, data shows the infection can be sent through surface contact– – particularly on high-contact objects.

How Infections Spread on Surfaces

Truth be told, an examination by The Healthy Workplace Project indicated exactly how rapidly a disease can spread on high-contact surfaces.

How Surface Cleaning Can Help You Protect the Spread of Coronavirus

The Healthy Workplace Project (Food Environ Virol Study directed in July 2016)

In their examination, they put a non-destructive, discernible microscopic organisms on the entryway handle of the principle access to a structure. At the point when study members didn’t wash or purify their hands, the microbes spread to 63% of the work environment inside seven hours. Furthermore, in any event, when members washed their hands, the microorganisms despite everything figured out how to spread to 30% of the working environment in that equivalent seven-hour time period.

Despite the fact that hand-washing, social removing and veil wearing are terrifically significant strides to take, it shows the potential presentation hole that exists by not keeping surfaces disinfected.

That is the reason cleaning and purifying surfaces is maybe more significant now than any time in recent memory. The test, be that as it may, is keeping those surfaces spotless and free from infections and germs after it has been cleaned.

Presenting SaniShell Surface Protection System

That is the reason we’re eager to reveal our new SaniShell Surface Protection System. In addition to the fact that it kills infections and germs that exist on your surface now, yet it keeps on doing as such for quite a long time.

Notwithstanding expansive range antimicrobial surface cleaning, our SaniShell innovation additionally adds a defensive antimicrobial film to surfaces that keeps on executing infections, microorganisms, form, mold and different organisms long after it has been applied.

This protected innovation we use is proven* to take out 99.9999% of all microorganisms on both hard and permeable surfaces. That is the most elevated level of disinfectant accessible.

Also, testing by an EPA-affirmed lab shows that the reasonable, antimicrobial film keeps on eliminating germs for 35 days on hard surfaces and materials. Also, some extra field testing shows that the continuous germ-killing properties can keep going for a considerable length of time, contingent upon the ecological conditions and surface application.

As it were, our SaniShell System works to both slaughter what’s on your surfaces now and will keep on doing as such for a considerable length of time after it’s been applied.

What Makes SaniShell Surface Protection Different

We realize that there are a ton of purification frameworks available at this moment, which can be very deceptive and overpowering. However, SaniShell is totally not the same as some other purification and security framework that you’ll discover.

Here’s the reason – SaniShell Surface Protection System is:

Profoundly powerful. Executes existing infections, microscopic organisms, and germs on surfaces, giving your office a medical clinic grade clean.

Safeguard. Makes an undetectable, defensive boundary that forestalls the spread of infections, microscopic organisms, form and buildup.

Amazing. Viably separates microorganisms containing biofilm, a disinfectant-safe dainty layer of microscopic organisms that develops on surfaces and can stay there for expanded timeframes.

Steady. Offers sturdy wide range antimicrobial properties, proceeding to kill microorganisms for a considerable length of time.

Adaptable. Can be applied to any inside or outside surface, giving you wide security all through your office.

Non-Toxic. Utilizations a sheltered, delicate cleaning arrangement that is profoundly supportable.

Financially savvy. Continues working long after it has been applied, dispensing with the problem and cost of rehashed sterilization.

Also, we give you a demonstrated clean that you can see. Following our treatment cycle, we test surfaces to guarantee practically all microbial material has been eliminated, giving you an emergency clinic grade level of clean. What’s more, we follow up each month to guarantee your surfaces are as yet ensured.

How SaniShell Surface Treatment Works

All in all, how accomplishes SaniShell work? Here’s a diagram of our five-advance cycle

Here’s the means by which our cycle works:

Stage 1 – Clean and Prep Surface

Our group of specialists will eliminate soils, biofilm and trash to successfully sanitize surfaces and guarantee the treatment will bond appropriately to surfaces.

Stage 2 – Apply SaniShell Treatment

Our specialists apply the antimicrobial covering with a steam sprayer, electrostatic sprayer, sprayer or fogger to make an imperceptible defensive hindrance on your surfaces.

Stage 3 – Test and Verify Efficacy

Following treatment application, our group will test surfaces with a microbial (ATP) meter to guarantee living beings have been eliminated. We affirm a perusing of 50 or beneath, which is steady with medical clinic grade disease conventions.

Stage 4 – Clean and Maintain

Between surface medicines, customers will clean and keep up surfaces utilizing our recommended convention to guarantee the defensive antimicrobial boundary isn’t eliminated.

Stage 5 – Monitor and Report

One of our specialists will test surfaces month to month to confirm proceeded with viability and decide whether reapplication is needed to keep surfaces secured.

Get SaniShell for Your Tennessee Facility

We as a whole need to do our part to help dispose of the spread of the coronavirus. We trust that our SaniShell Surface Protection System can assist you with making an additional move to keep your office clean and sans germ.

In case you’re searching for an additional layer of security to keep your group sound and help forestall the spread of COVID-19, we couldn’t imagine anything better than to help.

OFFICE CLEANING MELBOURNE Surface Care has selective rights to offer this protected surface cleaning innovation in Middle and East Tennessee. On the off chance that you are situated in the Nashville or Knoxville territories, contact us to plan your SaniShell Surface Protection treatment today.

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